New #NPRSource: Linda McGill Boasmond

linda mcgill boasmond_headshot

Linda McGill Boasmond is owner and president of Chicago-based Cedar Concepts Corporation. CCC processes raw materials for use in a wide variety of personal-care, household, industrial, and agricultural products. She has been named 2015 Woman of Excellence by the Chicago Defender and 2014 Manufacturer of the Year by the Alliance for Illinois Manufacturers.

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UT Professor Dr. Keisha L. Bentley-Edwards

Keisha Bentley-Edwards

Dr. Keisha L. Bentley-Edwards is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin

“I would say that the general reaction about Ferguson, and more recently Eric Garner, has been just shock, and being stunned, and being confused… especially for those that may be in college who felt, they may have been supported by the system and the feeling that ‘If I do the right thing, then everything is going to be okay,’ and for a lot of these kids, African American kids I’m speaking of specifically right now, they feel very confused by what’s going on, and they wanna know, they wanna talk about these things, but often time they are silenced…”

Dr. Wayne Riley: Health Care

Former President and CEO of Meharry Medical College (on hiatus as of May 2013)

  • Areas of Expertise: Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act, Public Health, Health Care for Minority and Under-served Communities, Health Care Policy, Health Care Management, Health Science, Medicine (Primary Care, Internal Medicine)
  • Location: Nashville, TN

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Amir Abo-Shaeer: Teaching for Careers in Engineering, Physics

Director of the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy, High School Physics and Engineering Teacher

  • Areas of Expertise: Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Robotics, STEM, High School/Secondary Education
  • Location: Goleta, Santa Barbara, CA

“You can do whatever you want. People told me I had to be this or I had to be that, and I said, I don’t want to do engineering. I want to do this other thing—education. And it’s been wildly successful.”

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