Robin Washington

Robin Washington is a longtime transportation writer, particularly focused on the evolving technology and social impacts of driverless cars over the past two years, writing for The Boston Globe, WIRED, WGBH, and Wisconsin Public Radio. A Fellow in Science Broadcasting Journalism at WGBH TV Boston, Washington has lectured at Harvard, MIT, Brown, and dozens of other academic institutions, and has been an adjunct faculty member at both Northeastern University and Emerson College. Throughout his career, Washington has appeared on NPR, MSBNC, Fox News, ABC News, CNN, and the BBC.

Robin Washington

Areas of Expertise: Self-driving cars, transportation technology, transportation legislation, civil rights movement, Judaism, Black Judaism

Location: Duluth, Minnesota with part time residence in Massachusetts. He works out of the studios of Wisconsin Public Radio and WGBH Boston.

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Phone: (218) 428-0004


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Robert Puentes

Robert Puentes is a non-resident senior fellow with the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program. He is also the President and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation- a non-partisan think tank that aims to improve transportation and promote policy innovation.  Puentes is an expert on transportation and infrastructure, urban planning, and smart cities. He recently directed the Metropolitan Infrastructure Initiative that outlined the debate surrounding national transportation policy that led to policy briefs and Congressional testimony.  Puentes currently serves on several boards and committees including New York State’s 2100 Infrastructure Commission. He can be heard explaining  the problems surrounding America’s aging water systems in this interview on Weekend Edition Saturday, here.

Non Resident Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings Institution 

Areas of Expertise: Transportation and Infrastructure, Urban Planning, Smart Cities, Metropolitan Growth Management, Suburban Issues

Location: Washington, DC

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Phone: (202) 879-4700

Twitter: @rpuentes 

 Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday: Lead Poisoning In Michigan Highlights Aging Water Systems Nationwide 

Ashley Nunes

Ashley Nunes is a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He’s worked with the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct research on transportation safety, regulatory policy and behavioral economics. He is a Contributor to Forbes and has previously written for the Washington Post, the Globe and Mail and the Scientific American.

Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Location: Cambridge, MA

Areas of Expertise: Transportation, Technology, Science Policy

Contact Information:

Phone: (470) 301-6285


Vince Wang

Vince Wang conducts research at the Shimberg Center for Housing Studies at University of Florida in Gainesville. Wang’s research focuses on the geography of inequality and opportunity in distressed neighborhoods, specifically on examining the causes of segregation, poverty dispersal housing programs, and how they collectively affect the prospects of publicly subsidized low-income households. He is currently developing an Opportunity Housing Locator to help families with rental vouchers find affordable housing in opportunity-rich neighborhoods.

Wang has worked on several U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development grant projects, and his work has won awards from the Florida Planning and Zoning Association and the Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association.

Vince Wang

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Shimberg Center for Housing Studies at University of Florida in Gainesville

Areas of Expertise: Land Use Modeling, Housing Policy and Evaluation, Transportation Planning

Location: Gainesville, FL

Contact Information:

Phone: 352-3285160
Twitter: @VinceWRN

Heard in Lecture at the University of Florida: Evolution Of The Housing Choice Voucher Program

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Zhan Guo

Zhan Guo is an Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Transportation Policy at NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. Guo studies individuals’ travel behavior and explores innovative ways to influence that decision-making process to produce better social outcomes such as reduced congestion and carbon emissions. The (dis)connection between government regulations, market forces, and consumer preferences is the focus of his research. Guo has conducted empirical work on transfer behavior in Boston, metro map design in London, parking in New York, and pedestrian environments in Hong Kong.  His work has been covered by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, The Economist, and others.

Guo received a B. Arch from Tianjin University, a MUD from Tsinghua University, China, and a MCP and a Ph.D in Urban Planning from MIT.

Zhan Guo

Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Transportation Policy at NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

Areas of Expertise: Transportation Policy and Behavior

Location: New York, NY

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Heard on American Public Media’s Marketplace: The Tricky Practice of Pricing Parking

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