• Amir Abo-Shaeer: Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Robotics, STEM
  • Khaliah Barnes: Student Privacy, Consumer Privacy, Car Privacy, Drones and Domestic Surveillance, Government Database, Privacy Act
  • Alvaro Bedoya: Legislation, National Security, Military, War and Peace, Privacy
  • Hiawatha Bray: Technology, Economics of Technology, High-Tech Industry, Software & Gadgets (Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Farai Chideya: Media, Technology, Diversity, Journalism, Women’s Issues, Social Entrepreneurship, Race & Race Relations, Politics, Innovation, Labor Economics
  • Derrick Cogburn: International Communication, Global Disability Policy, Global Information and Communication Technology and Policy
  • Shaundra Daily: Broadening Participation in Computing, Affective Computing, Positive Technology
  • Pedro Domingos: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Big Data, Robotics, Technology and Society
  • Armando Fox: Computer Engineering, Software, Cloud Computing, Computing and Society, Online Education, Computer Programming
  • Laura Donnelly Gonzalez: Latina Youth & Technology, Social Networking
  • Zhan Guo: Transportation Policy and Behavior
  • Sabrina Harvey: Communications, Technology, Marketing
  • César A. Hidalgo: Data visualization, physics, economics
  • Freeman Hrabowski: Science and Math Education, Minority Participation and Performance in STEM Fields, Blacks in Tech
  • Charles Isbell: Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Computing, Software Engineering, Computer Programming Languages
  • Sarah J. Jackson: Communications, Media Studies, Technology, Gender Studies, Social Media, Politics, Culture, Social Sciences
  • Delaram Kahrobaei: Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Information Security, Data Science
  • Guy Kawasaki: Technology, Apple Inc., Business, Investing, Entrepreneurship, Product Design, Social Media, Marketing
  • Victor McCrary: STEM, Storing Digital Content, Electronic Books, Physical Chemistry
  • Tressie McMillan Cottom: For-Profit Higher Education, Digital Inequalities, Transition Points from Student to Worker  
  • Mutale Nkonde: AI governance, Technology & Race
  • Ashley Nunes: Transportation, Technology, Science Policy
  • Neal Sales-Griffin: Web Development, Entrepreneurship, Tech Innovation, Coding
  • Arun Sundararajan: All Things Digital, The Sharing Economy, The Future Of Work, Tech in Emerging Markets, and Online Privacy
  • Tristan Walker: Technology, Diversity, Education, Branding, Marketing and Communications, Entrepreneurship

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